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The Seller. You, the customer looking to sell the vehicle.

1.) Once a provisional offer has been accepted and the seller has agreed to sell the vehicle to the company, we shall require confirmation that the following vehicle documentation is in order before collection. The company reserve the right to request a copy of any parts of the said documentation before collection is arranged to ensure that all documentation is in order and correct.

  • V5-This must be in the sellers name
  • Valid MOT certificate
  • Service History
  • Vehicle Handbook
  • Driving Licence
  • Utility Bill
  • Sellers bank details-Please note that to prevent money laundering and fraud, the company can only pay the vehicle owner as documented on the V5. We are unable to make payment to any 3rd party.

1b.) If at any stage the documentation verified is found to be unsatisfactory, or the seller unable to provide part of the required documentation, the company reserve the right to amend the valuation of the vehicle or cancel the transaction.

1c.) The seller must provide the above original vehicle documentation to our collection representative at time of collection, as agreed prior to collection date. Failure to do so will result in payment not being made and a charge of £199 being levied to cover costs incurred. Payment will only be made once the company representative is happy that all documentation is in order.

2.) The company will HPI the vehicle once a provisional offer has been accepted by the seller and the vehicle sale has been agreed. Should any information be found on the HPI register, ie mileage anomaly, stolen vehicle or vehicle damage the company reserve the right to amend or withdraw the vehicle valuation. Should the vehicle have outstanding finance, the company shall require that outstanding finance should be settled prior to release of funds. Alternatively, the company will require a copy of the sellers outstanding finance letter from the finance company and the company will adjust the vehicle settlement accordingly. If the seller owes more on finance than the car is worth, this must be resolved and any necessary payments made before collection date.

3.) To allow for bank payment, documentation verification and vehicle inspection all vehicle collection appointments will be no later than 12pm on any given day. If the seller cancels the collection within 24 hours of the collection date and time then an administration charge of £149 will become immediately payable to cover costs incurred. The company representative will not leave with the vehicle until the seller has cleared funds in his or her bank account.

4a.) Every effort is made by the company to ensure that a correct valuation is given from the outset. The company uses recognised motor industry motor trade guides and valuation tools to give you the best possible price up front for a quick vehicle purchase. It is therefore imperative that the seller gives an accurate and honest description as to the true condition of the vehicle in terms of cosmetic appearance and mechanical condition.

4b.) The seller must give details of any known vehicle defect that they think may, or may not affect the value of the vehicle, and/or could reasonably be expected to be aware of. If on vehicle inspection the vehicle is found not to be as described on the initial valuation, the company reserve the right to amend the vehicle valuation. If a compromise cannot be met at this stage and the company decides not to purchase the vehicle, a fee of £199 will become immediately payable to cover costs incurred by the company. If within 48 hours of collection we the company becomes aware of a mechanical defect that will adversely affect the value on the vehicle , the company reserve the right to return the vehicle in turn for full reimbursement of any monies paid , plus £199 to cover costs.

5.) The company operates within mainland UK only.

6.) We reserve the right to change or amend these terms at any time.

7.) Site © Sellmycar2day.co.uk all rights reserved.